Friday, April 18, 2014

Sophie Magic Pink Cream Review

Aly  here! Last semester a blockmate of mine introduced me to my current favorite all over cream. It's called Sophie Magic Pink Cream. Before I rave about this product here's a little about Sophie Paris.


SOPHIE PARIS PHILIPPINES is a fashion direct selling company catering French designed fashion products, with a global headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.


We cater quality French-designed bags, wallets, garments, watches, accessories and cosmetics, also exclusive member privileges.

The Sophie Paris chronicle is a story of hard work, exceptional skills and supreme talent. Like all young businesses, it is fueled with guts that root from strong motivation.

Sophie Paris came to Manila in 2002 situating itself right in the heart of Mandaluyong City. In the middle of its countless competitors in the fashion industry, Sophie Paris Philippines has successfully established over 80 Business Centers nationwide. Adopting a business model that is highly based on Multi-Level Marketing, the company continues to achieve its goal to expand through its human capital: the valued members and Business Centers.

With its fun environment, fashionable products, lucrative marketing plan, exciting promos and loyal members, there is no doubt that this wonderful business opportunity can readily beat the tough times and make dreams come true for those who faithfully consider time, effort and ability with unquestionable entrepreneurial spirit.

To learn more about Sophie Paris, visit: 

Product Review:

I am always interested in finding the most natural looking blushes and lippies so when my blockmate showed me what she uses as a blush I was all ears specially when she told me the price because it is so cheap and affordable! After class, I immediately got myself my own Sophie Magic Pink cream and this is what the packaging and product looks like.

Sophie Magic Pink Cream
10 ml
(P 85)

What it claims:


A pink magic cream formulated with natural extracts making cheeks blush naturally in less than 1 minute after application. 


This cream can be used in three ways; as an eye shadow, blush and lippie but I only use it as the later two. Ever since finding out about this product it has become a staple in my make-up kit. I use this almost all the time. It gives the most natural tint of pink onto my cheeks and lips. I am really impressed considering the price of the product. You only need a dot of the cream on both cheeks to look naturally flushed. The color is buildable so if you're into darker pink shades you can just add more of the product gradually. Same goes for the lips, a dot or two is enough to get that 'just bitten look'. Sometimes I go out of the house just wearing this on my cheeks and lips since it makes me look polished without putting on pounds of make-up on my face. I feel very lazy to do my whole make-up look specially because it's summer time and the moment you step out into the sun, everything on your face literally just melts off. This cream is a life saver! It makes you look made up without running the risk of having it melt off your face because of the heat. I get many compliments whenever I put this baby on so why not do yourself a favor and buy one today!


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