Friday, April 18, 2014

Ever Bilena and Careline Haul + Product Reviews!!!

Recently I bought a few Careline lippies for my mum and I. My mum was generous enough to treat me to some Ever Bilena cosmetics as well. Below are the products that I got.

Careline Glitter Lip Balm
(FR: L-R; Apple and Raspberry)
3.5 g
(P 60 each)

 Careline Lip Balm in Watermelon
(P 60)

*I gave this lip balm to my mother so I haven't actually tried the product yet.

(FR: L-R; Ever Bilena Lip&Cheek Tint in Redd
Advance Lip&Cheek Stain in Very Red
Famous Lipstick in Watermelon)
(P 75, P 135, P 160 respectively)

Product Reviews:

Careline Glitter Lip Balm in Apple and Raspberry


I first saw this product on television and it instantly caught my attention. I have never heard of a glitter lip balm before. There are numerous lip glosses and lip sticks that offers a glittery effect on one's lips but a glitter lip balm? That's not common at all. In fact it's downright difficult to find... well not anymore! Careline has solved that problem for us girls. This product comes in six different flavors; Apple, Grapes, Lemon, Orange, Raspberry and Strawberry. I was able to get a whiff of all six and what really stood out to me was the Apple and Raspberry scent. The formula of the product is surprisingly moisturizing. I was also surprised that the glitters turn out to be the color of the lip balm you picked. For example, the Apple flavored glitter lip balm results in green glitters and the Raspberry variant has fuschia glitters when applied to one's lips. You might think that the green glitters look weird and unflattering but it actually adds a luminous glow to your puckers! Some of you might be mislead that this is a tinted lip balm so let me just clarify what the product actually does. It adds shimmer to your lips but not color. It's perfect to put on after you've applied your lip stick for a glittery finish. I usually alternate between the two so that I end up using both lip balms evenly. 

Lip&Cheek Tint in Redd


This product comes with a doe foot applicator which I happen to really like since it is easier to apply the tint on both my lips and cheeks. I know a lot of people are not a fan of this type of applicator because they find it unhygienic but it's fine with me. I don't finish the lot of the tint if it comes with a doe foot applicator anyway because eventually bacteria gets inside of the packaging and the applicator ends up smelling a little funny. The color is a pigmented shade of red, obviously. The tint is also very buildable. You only get 3 ml of the product but for the price you're paying it's already an affordable find.

Advance Lip&Cheek Stain in Very Red


Water, glycerin, soluble lanolin, triethanolamine, tocopheryl acetate, carbomer, methyl paraben, propyl paraben, fragrance, CI 45410


The reason why I got this lip&cheek stain is because I see a lot of girls use this product in my school and I can see why. It is cheap, affordable and efficient. This tint comes in a squeeze type tube and you get a lot of product in one tube, 20 ml to be exact. It is a lot like the Lip&Cheek Tint.

Famous Lip Stick in Watermelon


I don't think a lot of people know that I am a big Ms. Bing Castro fan. She is a self taught freelance make-up artist, a beauty blogger and a Youtube beauty guru.  I first read about Ever Bilena's Famous Lipstick in Ms. Bing Castro's blog, The Project Awesome. The shade is a really pretty peach color which I love. I don't have much peach colored lipsticks so I decided to get the Watermelon shade. It glides on smoothly on the lips and you don't even need to apply lip balm prior to that since the product is very moisturizing! I do like to top this off with Careline's Extra Shine Lip Gloss in the shade No. 04.

So that's it for my Ever Bilena and Careline Haul + Product Reviews. I hope you enjoyed reading and stay tuned for more!


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