Friday, April 18, 2014

Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream For All Skin Types Review

I'm keeping the posts coming while I'm still free so enjoy! Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream which is being endorsed by Julia Barretto and Jasmine Curtis is getting a lot of air time on television so I'm assuming that a lot of you are curious about this product.

Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream For All Skin Types
40 ml
(P 120)

What it claims:

Experience the new standard in whitening. Enriched with the precious essence of Korean Ginseng + Saffron, Pond’s White Beauty purifies your skin layer by layer to reveal a Translucent Rosy White glow—in just 7 days!

Special Ingredient

Korean Ginseng + Saffron

Korean Ginseng activates your skin’s metabolism and purifies its layers to improve clarity, while Saffron inhibits melanin generation to lighten and give an even skin tone.


After watching the commercial for this product a billion times I got curious and bought myself one just to see how well the cream works. I first bought the 20 ml size of Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream in Mercury Drugstore before proceeding to purchase a bigger size. As you can see, I ended up liking the product because I repurchased it. I can say that this product is more of a cream rather than a powder because of it's consistency which is very smooth and creamy. It can be easily applied all over the face as a cream and it dries up nicely to a powder finish. This is perfect for girls who like to wear minimal make-up only. As for the whitening part, I can't say if it works or not since I already have fair skin to begin with. However, I don't think this cream can cover blemishes and imperfections on the face. The only thing I wish they would add to this cream is SPF and I know that they actually did produce the same product only with added SPF 15. Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream now comes in three variants: For All Skin Types, Advanced SPF 15 PA++ and For Acne Prone Skin. Now you can choose what variant suits your skin the most!


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