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G-lish Lip and Cheek Tint Review

Hello loves! I decided to do a review on one of my current favorite lip and cheek tints. Before I get started let me inform you what G-lish is...


G-lish is a color cosmetics and body care brand which aims to prettify girls on the inside and out to unleash their full potential. ♥

The brainchild of friends who wanted to provide girls with cute and trendy cosmetics, G-lish first opened its doors to the market in 2005, and was quickly embraced by the trendy youth. Its initial mission was to simply highlight natural Filipina beauty with basic make-up staples. Later on, G-lish ventured and evolved according to the demands of the market. It started providing girls with not just the basics but the embellished – the cute became cuter, the plain became chic.

Today, it continues to experiment and expand its merchandise mix from color cosmetics to body care products. Quality assurance is the very first on its checklist. Indeed, all of its products are approved by the Food and Drug Authority.

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Product Review:
I was reading some reviews about G-lish Lip and Cheek Tint and while looking at the swatches I absolutely fell in love with the colors! I already have the shade Nude Rush beforehand and so I wanted to purchase the shades Pink Crush and Berry Blush. There are only three colors available.

          G-lish Lip and Cheek Tint in Pink Crush and Berry Blush (Fr: L-R)
                                                                        10 g
                                                                      (P 120)

What it claims:


A lip and cheek stain in a mini tub that brings out the natural glow with the no make-up effect. Lip and Cheek Tint also has a surprising candy scent on the cheek that would surely bring out your inner confidence as you flash your #FOTD (face of the day). It comes in a paste form that could be used for a long period of time due to its highly pigmented additional feature.


I use this lip and cheek tint on days when I don't feel like wearing too much make-up. I put on some face cream powder (I like Skin White Face Cream Powder or Pond's Powder Finish Day Cream) and dab on a bit of lip and cheek tint and voila! I'm done. I like that this gives me a no make-up look. The product is a little sticky but is easily blendable on both cheeks and lips.

Pink Crush is my favorite of all three shades because it gives me the most natural look. I use this in school specially on PE (Physical Education) and NSTP (National Training Service Program) days. It gives my cheeks a just pinched effect and it looks like a lip stain on the lips in a perky barbie pink color!

Berry Blush is something I prefer to wear whenever I have a presentation during my Speech class. It is more reddish in color rather than pink. I read in a couple of magazines that people are bound to look at your lips longer when you have red lippy on. It isn't too red so don't be afraid to wear this in school! On the cheeks it looks like you just blushed.

Nude Rush is what I wear to dinner out with my family or when I am an assigned PA for the Goddesses of Bellydance. It has a coral shade so it isn't your typical nude. The color doesn't come off as orangey just in case you guys were wondering. When applied on the cheeks it is close to brown blush but not too dark so fair skinned girls like me can still be able to use it.

The packaging might be a problem for some girls who have OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) since you have to scoop out the product with your fingers but you can use lip brushes instead. I can't say the same about using blush brushes though... The product is pigmented but it doesn't stay long on my lips and cheeks so I find myself constantly reapplying this but that doesn't bother me in the least.


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